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LIZA $2.50 + 33% 26.5 Bitcoin Liza
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VTC 0.00069790 + 2.1% 7.3 Vertcoin
NLC2 0.00001570 - 3.8% 6.7 No Limit Coin 2
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- max premine - 20%
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- no wallet builders
- nodes should be included in source code
- request can be declined if we don’t like your coin.
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Comments/Additional Info

hoangminh L2: liza 15000

placebo1977: mateide, no, it is not out yet

Meatspin: lol fake sell walls on liza

noorin L1: liza 130

placebo1977: Meatspin, i'm pretty sure if you buy those walls that you will receive those coins lol

mateide L2: placebo1977, when

placebo1977: mateide, 14th of Dec and 17th of Dec

sarper2452 L1: BTCRED is going to dump soon

chav216 L1: investbox LTD is not working

chav216 L1:  It is impossible to create an investment because there is not enough reserve funds for the first payment.

mateide L2: placebo1977, thats 11 days :((((((

placebo1977: If 18000sats breaks on LIZA then 13000sats will be next

placebo1977: mateide, yes and...

simonsez420: chav216, its for coin devs

gulyas L1: sarper2452, still has another 100sat in it I am sure

placebo1977: mateide, i cannot chance forks dates lol

simonsez420: LEts go DFT to 15k today would be a nice change lol

Meatspin: why would people be willfully selling this low when it was just almost twice this price

electrospeedy L1: lost 0,03 btc from 0,1 btc on liza....

Meatspin: the heard is really lost

lukeec: sarper2452, still need cheap? :)

Meatspin: herd

sarper2452 L1: lukeec, sold it on 1330 :(

noorin L1: 130

sarper2452 L1: lukeec, yes please lol

gulyas L1: walls just went up on red

JPLabs: never sting something in a bubble ...

lukeec: sarper2452, i am gonna hold

Meatspin: whew

Meatspin: that was touch and go for a minute

Meatspin: look at all of that red on liza

mateide L2: lost 0.1 btc on liza, suck at this shit

placebo1977: another batch of dumps will happen on LIZA. there is only 35k dumped... and there are 1,000,000 coins out there...

fausto2111 L1: Me too

Tatlises L1: hi

Meatspin: mateide, ow that's a lot, but I've done that a few times, just gotta be patient

sarper2452 L1: lukeec, waiting for 1400

lillaji L1: be patient with Liza Beach

Meatspin: this fear tactic is so that people can fill back up at 18000 and do it again

keepitreal L1: what is liza

keepitreal L1: oh okay but is it yobit based? like why did they give me free

Alphons L1: Is it self to enter Liza now?

keepitreal L1: i went large on funfair coin

dominikherzog: to encourage users to sell/buy, go,moon ,pump/dump ,doom/boom will give you min.1-7 days out Continuous posts (more than 2 times) containing: same message, non-crypto related videos, tweets, market links are considered as flood and will lead to chat ban

dominikherzog has banned whalebearpig until 10.12.2017 19:15:15.

gulyas L1: finally the ban hammer of thor comes down

placebo1977: dominikherzog, you added a few rules? :)

alexdorokhov L1: karma

chav216 L1: all hail domini

mhnur: XVG

Dice Game